[04/25/2014] Minibus Pimps: Cloud to Ground Reviews

“Black Aurora, solemn and monstrous, might be the closest anyone has come since Tangerine Dream’s Zeit to conveying the fear, awe, nothingness and everythingness of deep space. The title track, meanwhile, pits ominous poltergeist bells against an apocalyptic cathedral organ rolling in on a thunderhead.”
- 4 stars, Record Collector

“The tracks explore the weaving of conflicting, rupturing sounds to produce a powerful album that will have an impact on both ears and mind.”
-Birmingham Mail

"Minibus Pimps: Cloud to Ground - Characterized by gloom and intricacy, the music on Cloud to Ground by Minibus Pimps is like a set of sonic hallucinogens that permeate deep in the mind. Minibus Pimps is a brainchild of Supersilent's Helge Sten and Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, and the result is a creation that is deeply abstract, complex, austere and is virtually unclassifiable."
-from All About Jazz [click here for full review]

"…..monolithic rumbling drones, glassy swells and burbling squiggles for a deep space freakout…” - 9/10 Norman Records [click here for full review]

"an intense, unsettling wall of sound, packed with distorted loops and brooding, most effectively on the ominous Black Aurora Pt 4 and the closing Superbolt which begins like the soundtrack to an alien invasion, takes in stentorian keyboards and ends as an almost soothing electro lullaby. Brave and bold."
-London Evening Standard [click here for full review]

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